Stephen Lucas KUDOS

Deb Lucas, Dyan Cannon with Stephen Lucas  c. 2007

Dyan Cannon, Film Actor- I found an artist who touches my heart... I found his work uplifting as well as inspirational... Stephen Lucas is an original.

Michael Nouri, Film Actor- Stephen Lucas is one of the most prolific artists I've seen. His use of color and space are inspiring. I believe he has great purpose as an artist which he is prepared to achieve. His work is from the heart which is always an inspiration.


Dean Bender - Nice to hear from you. I actually sold the company last year but still work for the company that acquired us. Your question is very timely. We just subleased our office space to move in with our parent company and interestingly, the new tenant requested the art stay as part of the deal. They particularly loved Jazzy.  So the deal is that we get the art returned to us upon the end of the lease in 2024.


Mary Sampson, Danny and I purchased 14 pieces of your artwork and have shared them with a few friends over the years.  I have three originals, and would never part with them! I love your vivid colors and lovely, interesting design; especially those with red!

I hope you are happy and well.  It’s wonderful to see your art again

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